Why life coaching?

When we feel stuck and find it affecting career, relationships, health, and day-to-day life, something has to change. But making that change on your own can be difficult. This is where life coaching sessions can make all the difference, helping you move towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

In our sessions, I will help you understand how your mindset, that is your beliefs or repetitive thoughts and identity, the language you use, any emotions or memories from the past, and your goals or lack of, which all influences who you are being and ultimately your life. Together, we will work to identify and become more aware of your thought, behavior, and emotional patterns. This process will help you heal, open up, and create empowering ways of being that align with your authentic self. The end result is finding happiness and harmony within yourself and with those around you.

I currently offer my life coaching services to men, women, and couples all over Australia from my base in Melbourne

“You have all you need within you to create the life you dream of”

Will it help someone like me?

I work with women, men, and couples from all walks of life throughout Australia, helping them overcome obstacles related to health, mental health, relationships, or career. My goal is to empower my clients with strategies to make positive changes in their lives.

If you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or unsure why you’re not making progress towards your goals, or perhaps struggling to prioritize self-care amidst caring for others, it’s important to take time for yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had coaching or therapy before or if this is your first time seeking support. If you’re looking to gain renewed confidence, clarity, and energy in your life, life coaching can help you get there.

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What to expect

I offer life coaching sessions that are purposely different. Both in-person around Melbourne, or online sessions take you through mindset, nutrition, energy healing and calibration, with real-life tools to help you be where you want to be.

Clients who work with me can expect to gain a range of valuable benefits, including:

  • A deeper understanding of themselves and their behaviours
  • An improved quality of life, increased confidence, and greater self-awareness.
  • Greater emotional balance and clarity
  • Practical strategies and tools for overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals
  • Renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and direction in their personal and professional lives
  • Improved overall health and well-being, both physically and mentally, through the development of positive habits and the release of negative patterns. 
  • Enhanced ability to manage stress and cope with difficult situations, resulting in a greater sense of resilience and emotional stability. 
  • Improved relationships and communication skills, leading to greater satisfaction and harmony in personal and professional interactions.
  • Increased motivation and accountability to make positive changes in their lives, leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and achievement.
  • A greater self-acceptance and self-love.

“Become aware, accept and take action”

Anna Baylis Motivational Speaker


We unpack your beliefs, your values, and the emotional states that you would like to experience daily, with tools to align where you are with where you want to be.

Life Coach Melbourne

Emotional Healing

When unpleasant moments in our life occur, they directly impact our energy. Discover where you may have energy blockages that require healing.

Clean Eating


Science has uncovered the connection between the brain and the gut. We’ll develop a nutrition plan that supports your self care to find energy and balance within.

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My life coaching process is also about movement. I like to feel it flowing through our sessions by heading outdoors where possible and connecting with nature. This really works to open the flow of energy and of course, it feels good for the soul.

This really works to open the flow of energy and of course, it feels good for the soul. Being in nature allows us to connect on a deeper level and access parts of ourselves that might otherwise remain hidden. It’s a powerful way to create lasting change.

Where do sessions take place?

In person sessions are available in South East Melbourne. 

Online sessions take place via zoom, with the option of guided walks at your own pace to connect with the outdoors.

We begin with a complimentary discovery call to get a feel if I’m the right coach for you and discuss what will work best to achieve feeling free, motivated, and truly happy. 

Coaching sessions are held fortnightly to monthly over a minimum of 3 months, with 6-12 months for deep transformation and change. 

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