M.O.V.E Feedback

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  • “Joining the M.O.V.E community has been an awakening experience. Our first week with Anna has been teaching me more about insight, communication, values and my self-worth with other amazing women. All this while moving amongst nature, connected and breathing fresh air”.
  • “Anna’s talks and meditation help me to dig deeper into my life beliefs and applying to my own life values. I’m so looking forward to our journey ahead. Thank you Anna”.
  • “Thanks Anna and congratulations ladies – I am feeling really energised and looking forward to the weeks and months to come! I have loved it all! xx”
  • “After completing the first week of M.O.V.E, I am feeling proud of the effort I have put in regarding all aspects. One of my goals was to exercise longer than the allotted half hour on Zoom, I achieved that! It has also been a challenge to delve into the dark recesses of my psyche to access those thoughts, feelings and memories etc. But with Anna’s gentle guidance and non-judgemental way, she makes it a lot easier to be in a safe place”.
  • “M.O.V.E has made me think deeply about my values and beliefs and what continues to be relevant, as opposed to the things I need to let go of that may be holding me back. I am feeling grounded and ready”.
  • “What an amazing group of ladies who have come together to be vulnerable and share the journey of transformation. Anna is an inspiring, supportive and wise coach who is opening us all to connection through getting moving, being in nature, self-discovery and learning more about what is important to create the lives we want”.

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