My coaching has been incredibly effective, as evidenced by the numerous positive reviews from my clients. To provide a glimpse into the experience of working with me, please find below some google reviews from my satisfied clients.


naomie kambonaomie kambo01:34 10/31/23
Anna has been quite instrumental in supporting me to make the changes I needed to advance my personal goals amd maximise my potential. Anna is an empathetic and practical individual. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who is seeking to find,complement or articluate supports through her coaching techniques.

Matt SutherlandMatt Sutherland03:04 10/26/23
Highly recommend life coaching with Anna if you’re serious about making positive changes to your life to be the best version of yourself

Tracey NewtonTracey Newton09:34 10/01/23
Before my time with Anna, I was lost and unable to move forward and progress in many areas of my life, I also struggled to understand and process my emotions in a healthily way. With Anna’s caring and gentle guidance, I gained the confidence to make choices and seek opportunities that aligned with the life I wanted and the person I wanted to be.Thanks to Anna, I feel like I’m now creating a happier and more fulfilling life for myself.

Sally FaulksSally Faulks23:15 09/27/23
I have been working with Anna for a few months and feel like a completely different person. She has helped me work through beliefs and issues that were holding me back and I feel excited about a more authentic and fulfilling life. Anna's calm and direct manner creates a safe space where I feel completely supported in sharing the issues I am facing. I highly recommend Anna to anyone feeling lost, stuck or unsure about where they are in life.

DamianDamian00:30 09/17/23
Thankyou Anna! The last 4 months have been awesome! I have grown into a better version of myself thanks to your guidance and the support and openness of the other men in our MOVEM group! I particularly enjoyed the relationship workshop, my partner and I took away so many positives from that. Our connection is deeper and stronger than ever.Thanks again to you Anna, and my fellow MOVEM men, I feel like I have gained 6 new brothers and a wonderful sister/friend/mentor/coach for life.

David ClarkeDavid Clarke10:42 09/16/23
There are so many positive things I could say about Anna. She shows genuine care and interest and is one of the of the most authentic people I've ever met. Anna makes you feel comfortable to express yourself and your feelings which, as a male, can be difficult and something I had difficulty doing in the past with therapists and other health professionals.I began individual coaching sessions with Anna in February 2023 as I was wanting more out of myself, my relationships and life in general. Despite me taking some time to open up and be vulnerable, Anna showed extreme patience during our sessions and always encouraged me that I was on the right path.I came to Anna having been on anti-depressants for nearly 10 years and she suggested that they may have been a blocker for my emotions and she was right. I successfully weaned off them over a period of a few months and was able to start to feel my emotions again and work through some deep seeded beliefs and issues.I was also fortunate to be a part of a men's only group which Anna ran over a period of 4 months. This program consisted of regular in person and zoom sessions with 6 other men where we were coached on feelings, relationships, values, mediation, fitness and nutrition and other important areas in our life.As a result of attending both individual coaching sessions and the men's coaching program I am more in touch with my feelings, have a better relationship with my wife, am more comfortable in my own skin, more confident, aware of what I value most in life, have formed healthier habits and overall am happier with life.Anna is a truly remarkable coach and always shows up for you and validates your feelings.I feel very privileged to have found Anna and will definitely utilise her in the future for further coaching.Thanks for an amazing experience.

Kelly VarneyKelly Varney22:32 07/26/23
Anna has been a highly knowledgeable coach in my life journey and has made me reflect and understand better how I work as a person, and also make me want to be the best version of myself each day!

Juliette BeninatiJuliette Beninati11:12 06/11/23
Anna is amazing🤍 In a short time, I’ve already experienced so many shifts and improvements. Her strategies and coaching techniques are nothing short of excellent. Thankyou Anna, you’re fantastic at what you do🙌

With the guidance, support and encouragement Anna has given me over the last 2 months I have been able to make tremendous shifts in my life. With her help I have confronted and overcame things which I had believed were stuck with me forever. If you are seeking change, looking for a new perspective on your life and ready to challenge yourself make contact with Anna and get started. Thank you Anna, for holding the space that I needed to heal and to grow.

Audrey ListerAudrey Lister03:56 03/09/23
Anna has a way of working with people that makes you feel instantly comfortable, seen and understood. Her approach to coaching is empathetic and non-judgmental, while (gently) calling you out on the patterns and behaviour that are holding you back from your fullest potential.I participated in Anna’s last round of M.O.V.E, and saw positive changes in my life from the very first week. Anna helped me step into my true self, in a way years of therapy never has. She motivated me to put words into action, and is now a welcome voice in the back of my mind on a daily basis, pushing my to make choices based off my values, and to continue to learn more about myself.Anna has been a catalyst for so much growth in myself, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!

Amy SmeatonAmy Smeaton07:14 02/08/23
Anna has a beautiful, down-to-Earth AND inspiring approach to her coaching. I have been working with Anna for the last couple of months and have experienced monumental shifts in my life. I was experiencing a very difficult time in my life when i started the M.O.V.E. program with Anna and now I feel lighter, calmer, more connected to my emotions and clearer in my decision-making. My relationships are more easeful and I am finding joy in places I never expected!I have so much gratitude for Anna ✨️❤️

A GA G22:22 01/15/23
Strange start to my happiest experience. I observed Anna’s car (with her business details on it) and it was like a weird light bulb got turned on in my head. I felt compelled to go to her even though id never heard of a life coach before.I called her and made an appointment and committed myself to two sessions. Was I sceptical, confused about my compulsion and dubious about the effectiveness of this course of action? - definitely.When I met Anna I found her be very intelligent, caring, inspiring with an uncanny ability to delve into my sub conscious. We conversed like we had known each other prior. She has a very easy going nature and is so easy to talk to.Whilst talking to me she extracted information from my past (that I had blacked out and wasn’t aware of) that was grossly affecting my current day behaviour/thinking/persona and everything in between.I’ve had multiple sessions with Anna now and I am clearly a far better person who is no longer affected by a lot of major crippling events in my past.I am a completely different person now (a change for the better I should add), I now know what affected me, how it affected me and how to interpret any other behaviour of mine (what’s the behaviour, how I feel, causation, analysis and how to move forward).To say Anna is my saviour is not an understatement. I recommend her services to everyone. She brought me from a troubled, mentally confused/affected individual who was not operating on all cylinders to a happy, pleasant man who is now a much better person and I love love love life in general. This result is good for me and those I interact with.So I say to you, if you need a life coach (remember, I didn’t know I needed one) you must/should give Anna a call and make an appointment or you’ll be doing your self a disservice.Alan Gosland.

Kodis PawathonKodis Pawathon02:15 12/05/22
Anna is one unique life coach. I have had an incredible experience with Anna. She creates her sessions to suit your needs. Everything Anna guided me with, is unique. I have had many therapists, but none come close to how Anna conducts her sessions. She is very encouraging. There are no words to describe how amazing Anna truely is!

Paul MontgomeryPaul Montgomery06:02 11/16/22
I am very pleased tp provide an endorsement for Anna. She is a great coach and helped me to understand so much about myself.Her style and manner are ideal for this role: understanding, non-judgemental and interested in teaching in a non-intrusive manner.Anna's work with me developed the connection between body, mind and the sub-conscious leading to powerful changes in the way I view myself and the manner in which I engage with the world.First rate.Very rewarding to meet and work with her.

Tammie MarshallTammie Marshall05:56 11/16/22
Anna was so great to deal with. Easy, understanding and flexible from the start. Her methods are very useful and she’s helped make a big difference.

Megan HillMegan Hill20:52 10/10/22
I do not hesitate to recommend Anna and her services. Patient, professional and very knowledgeable, I loved working with Anna and have consequently felt empowered to make significant changes that have improved my life and perspectives. Give her a try! You won’t regret it.

Alison MonaghanAlison Monaghan10:58 10/05/22
I’ve been working with Anna for the past 3 months and I’m really enjoying the experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect with life coaching but Anna put me at ease instantly. I’ve tried a number of different weight loss programs in the past but I’ve not been able to stick with them - self sabotage always sends me back to the start. Anna is helping understand why I do this and open up my thoughts to change 20years of destructive behaviour. It’s hard work at times but incredibly rewarding. Over the past few months the coaching (surprisingly) has improved my work and personal relationships. I’m still a work in progress but i know I’ll reach my goals with Anna’s support.

Dashmatt21Dashmatt2122:43 10/03/22
6 weeks with Anna vs 16 years with councellors/psychs, Anna wins hands down🏆. Professional, to the point and results driven based upon your own custom goals. Everything I needed. Thanks coach!!! 🙏👍

Loretta SergovichLoretta Sergovich02:17 09/30/22
Anna’s coaching is life changing, when I came to her I felt depressed and stuck and like there was nothing to look forward to, and she gave me a safe space to express my feelings, and guide me along a path to feeling like I matter, learning about emotions and self-soothing and it gave me the spark I needed to really engage with my life again. If you are thinking of working with her, just do it – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

alicia priamoalicia priamo07:39 08/15/22
To say that Anna gave me my life back would be an understatement, she has given me a brand new one and helped me become someone I never thought I could be. There are no words to accurately depict how grateful I am that I found Anna.

Samantha DamonSamantha Damon06:10 08/10/22

Jennifer MorrisJennifer Morris23:48 05/12/22
Anna's coaching really helped get my life back on track. I can't recommend her enough.

Irini CaseyIrini Casey05:40 04/05/22
The best thing I ever did was going to Anna. Anna makes you feel good about yourself and that you matter.Thanks to Anna I have become stronger and flexible, learning to live life instead of just surging. Thank you Anna..

Jenni LangrellJenni Langrell11:03 03/29/22
I would highly recommend Anna Baylis as a life coach. Her experience as an Olympic athlete, successful business owner, author and mother enables her to draw her expertise and skills from a vast array of life experiences. Her approach is kind gentle inclusive and passionate to create a difference in the lives of her many clients.

Dana KellyDana Kelly03:41 03/28/22
I met Anna in 2020. We were both TCI students at that time. Anna offered to be my coach. I accepted. I was in distress over different troubles in my life. Anna used her wisdom, intuition, and life skills to coach me. She kept me on track and would gently draw me back to the subject at hand if I took off on what I call a rabbit trail during a coaching session. Anna has a vibrancy, a joy in life, and insight that helped get me through some very rough times. She helped me with goal setting, and patiently led me to to get me throughsome murky waters in my life. She helped me to find an inner peace, and to start believing in my self.Anna is gifted as a life coach and as a health coach. If you choose Anna as a coach you will not regret it.Respectfully,Dana KellyCalifornia, U.S.A.

Michelle LewinMichelle Lewin07:27 03/21/22
Anna is amazing. She has really helped me find myself and deal with my life issues.

Mandy MercuriMandy Mercuri04:34 02/23/22
Anna is a kind and nuturing coach. Working with her has been transformative for me and I have really loved being a part of the M.O.V.E. community. Anna's caring, generous and fun spirit make it so easy and comfortable to work with her.

Sally CastleSally Castle00:28 04/05/21
I had one to one mountain biking coaching with Anna as I wanted to improve my skills. Anna gave clear, concise advice and was really encouraging. I’ve been riding difficult tracks since then and can feel the improvement already. Thanks Anna!

Irini Verikios-CaseyIrini Verikios-Casey21:11 03/31/21
The best thing I ever did was go to Anna not only has helped me with my fitness but she has become important to me as someone who listens without judgement and genuinely cares for her customers. Recently went on a retreat with Anna and it has helped me make some very important changes to myself. Taking care of me I can take care of my family. And you taught me that Anna Bayliss.. I highly recommend Anna if you are looking to change your life for the better.

Juee WilliamsJuee Williams02:18 11/08/20
Despite having had help from a psychologist and trauma counsellor and completing a counselling degree, I hadn't realised how much emotional pain I was still holding onto 40+ years later. Working with Anna allowed me to go back, without needing to talk about the actual events, and to determine whether I wanted to get rid of or change the events. Changing them was so freeing as was finding ways to forgive myself and others. I feel as if I have put down all my emotional baggage, ready to run freely through the fields of life.She has an amazing presence that makes you feel safe, understood and empowered to make the changes to move on freely.

Jenna LittleJenna Little03:36 09/08/17
Anna goes above and beyond and makes you feel comfortable. She is an excellent motivator and is very encouraging. Highly recommend.