M.O.V.E Community

Join the M.O.V.E community, where everyone can benefit from walking and learning.

Why M.O.V.E?

M.O.V.E is a concept that brings all of my passions together whilst creating community and connection. Walking together via technology, I share the 4 elements of living that are fundamental for a healthy life. Speaking on topics of health and wellness across all aspects of our being, I guide you to open up to conscious living, challenging you to take action and shape the life you want. We connect and share, ask questions and create discussions in our online community

There are so many people in emotional and physical pain, feeling lost and alone, where their mental and physical health is suffering. My passion is health and vitality to restore happiness.

My mission through the M.O.V.E concept and community is to get people moving, outside with variety, and to educate and provide strategies on how to return to a healthy equilibrium. 



“There are not enough words on how much my M.O.V.E journey has changed my life, my mindset, my health and my emotional well – being. There is so much you get from this journey. I love our walks with mother earth whilst learning so much about ourselves and life.
Anna is amazing in her teachings. She is very knowledgeable and nothing is too hard for her to help me. Thank you, Anna. I love life and have so much joy and energy”.


“M.O.V.E has encouraged me to go inwards and let go of the things that no longer serve me. It’s taught me to be much kinder to myself and get my head into a much better space. It’s given me the tools to manage stress, eat better, set goals and rethink my mindset. The result – more energy, more awareness, more happiness, more calm in my life.  As each day passes I approach it with a sense of curiosity, awareness, and self compassion. I’m still on the journey, it’s just that now I have the tools to make better choices and the support around me to help me during the difficult times and cheer me on and help celebrate my successes. Best investment I ever made!
I just can’t express the impact it’s had on me!”


“Coming into the MOVE community, I was searching for some direction and guidance. I had been battling with chronic pain, and knowing there were things I needed to do to improve my emotional and physical wellbeing but feeling uncertain about where to start. I think I had said to Anna that I know what I should be doing, but am just not doing it. 
MOVE started exactly where I needed it with identifying values. This was something I had not really ever but much thought into but the experience was really eye opening. I was able to challenge what I thought my values were and recognise the motivation and ingrained limiting beliefs that influenced these. What I ended up with was something I had not expected, a major shift. 
I can confidently say, I am a much stronger, assured and fulfilled person as a result of my MOVE experience.
It was also the opportunities to share within the strong, and amazingly supportive group that was so affirming. Knowing we were not alone, many people think as I do – worry, feel insignificant, unsure and plagued by feeling like I am not enough. The sharing within the group was encouraging and supportive. People shared wins and we all celebrated and slowly, I have learnt to be proud of achievements, big and small. 
Anna was always available to provide guidance, share her wisdom, give a supportive push but she also challenged us. She helped uncover some default programs, limiting beliefs and all or nothing language (one of my challenges!)
There are many parts of the MOVE program that have become a new part of my non-negotiables. The green smoothie, acknowledging and living within my values, celebrating wins, breaking up – for good- with achievement, my self-care toolkit – a note beside my bed for quick reference, are just a few. 
I feel much more confident now that I have the tools, knowledge and confidence to face up to life’s next challenges. And for this, to Anna and the MOVE team, I am very grateful that I decided to invest in me. An investment that will keep bearing fruit for years to come”.


“Joining M.O.V.E and saying YES to me was the right thing for me to do so I could move forward in my life. Being able to understand my emotions and why I would react a certain way, has definitely helped me be a more effective communicator with my family and friends. The regular exercise and getting out into nature have improved my mental health and fitness. Learning about nutrition and how I can make just a few changes to regulate my body’s needs and increase my energy has certainly made a huge difference to my day. The best part of all for me, was meeting a group of wonderful, caring, thoughtful and kind ladies!! They all made me feel like I “mattered” and that allowed me to reach in and be open, honest and vulnerable which is one thing that I find difficult to do. They’re supportive, nonjudgemental and encouraging words kept me going during the times that I was feeling inadequate and melancholy”.

M.O.V.E member

“My experience with M.O.V.E. has been one of education, connection, gentle and, at times profound, realizations, supportive and life changing. Anna’s program allowed me to take moments for myself to connect to me and move out of being stuck, giving myself permission to feel and express emotions without judgement helping me to let go of all I had been sub-consciously holding onto…freeing up space for more of what fulfills me and brings me joy, and find my purpose. Anna’s knowledge and life experience is a crucial element of this program along with the safe environment she creates for everyone to share and grow, Anna’s energy is grounding and real, gentle and supportive giving you space to realize and become the best version of yourself”.


Movement has always been a part of my life. It has enabled me to gain body awareness, stay physically and mentally healthy, to get out of my mind and connect to my heart, to be creative, to shift energies and to feel alive and invigorated. I have had some of my most painful moments whilst moving during my athletic career, which helped me grow. My most creative moments are where energy from nature flows through me to regenerate, heal and be inspired.

There are many scientific benefits to moving. Movement improves organ function, immunity, cardiovascular and lung health, bone density, muscle toning and strength. Paired with increased clarity, it releases endorphins and gives us energy that when combined with good nutrition allows for optimal health.

In the M.O.V.E sessions we will get your energy moving, engaging all your senses, whilst connecting to nature and others. Expect your mind to open to new ideas, aha moments and creative thoughts. 


I have always been attracted to nature and its vibrational energy frequency. Did you know that we vibrate at the same frequency as the earth, which brings us back into harmony? Outdoors, in nature is where I feel I belong, feel connected and free to help others. 

Our current way of life has taken us away from nature, kept us indoors, reduced sunlight and fresh air, lowering our vibrational frequency. Like nature we need a range of different elements to survive; sun, water, oxygen, positivity energy, a solid and stable foundation and room to grow. In our M.O.V.E sessions we return to our roots, learn in and from nature, move, connect, and heal, through grounding, breathing, being present, and engaging with our five senses. 


For me, variety truly is ‘the spice of life’, it keeps me engaged, motivated and helps me grow. Variety creates challenge and change and the feeling of empowerment. Often we can get stuck in the mundane way of life, feeling stagnant, unmotivated and uninspired. In our M.O.V.E sessions we spice it up, expand our awareness, get creative, experience new circumstances, and engage the mind, body and spirit to broaden our horizons, create new opportunities and endless possibilities.
A change of locations, along with a variety of topics and mindfulness exercises makes each session a different experience and introduces you to a range of wellness modalities. A diverse range of community members offer new interactions and the occasional guest speaker that enhances learning and growth. 


Education equals growth. A healthy mind can create a healthy body and life. Just as we need to feed our gut for optimal health, our minds require stimulation to grow and stay healthy.

In the M.O.V.E sessions we explore the important pillars of finding F.L.O.W.
Learn about the importance of ‘Feeding the gut and Feeding the mind’ to build a solid foundation. Here we plant seeds for growth by exploring the gut-brain connection and the importance of healthy eating – what to eat and when. We become conscious of how our mind works, how we can change our thoughts and actions through knowing our values and beliefs, and being aware of the language we use. 

Loving yourself, Letting go and Looking within’ – we help discover ways of accepting who you are in this moment and ways of moving forward. Learn the importance of our emotions, how to release the energies these emotions store in our bodies, and the healing from removing the blocks from our past to allow energy to flow. 

M.O.V.E. Transformation

Are you feeling lost, alone, stuck in a rut, confused, and like something is wrong with you? The M.O.V.E community will bring you back to nature, to movement, and to your core enabling you to feel confident, happy, connected and gain awareness of your purpose and direction in life.

6 Month Transformation includes

2 x guided walking group coaching sessions per week

Fortnightly live Q & A

Fortnightly live Meditation

6 x 1-1, Life Coaching sessions

Online FB community 

2 x 1/2 day workshops

Workbooks for taking action


Join in a morning session with space for you to focus your thoughts for the day, a lunch time session to recharge and reset, or join our evening walks to wind down and reflect with gratitude on your day. All you need is your phone, headphones and your walking shoes to join us via zoom.

With our Facebook M.O.V.E group you can connect with others and support each other’s commitment to moving and gaining more from your day.