Mental Health Support

Empowering you to prioritize your mental well-being

Mental Health has always been so very important to me. As an Olympic athlete, I was very much focused on my physical health, that is, keeping fit and strong. With my identity as an athlete, it was second nature for me to exercise, eat well, and get optimal sleep and rest.

I was very drawn to things that would benefit my performance. I looked at all aspects to make sure I was able to perform at my best come race day. One of which was my mindset and my mental health.

With a healthy mindset, I was able to withstand the ups and downs of the sport. I could maintain a positive outlook and keep motivated to train every day. My physical health was optimised with minimal sickness and injury.

In all sports, we can be physically at the same level. When it comes down to who stands on top of the podium that day, is contributed to how we show up energetically. This includes our mental strength, our self-talk and our beliefs about ourself. All these things have a direct impact on our how we feel and who we are being in that moment. This crosses over to life. To stand on top of the podium, referring to reaching your goals and in doing so feeling physically and mentally on top of the world.

Mental Programs

In my work as a Life Coach, I see how important it is to get to the underlying mental programs that are behind the actions or non-actions of my clients. These programs make up our mindset and include our identity, beliefs and values and are shaped from a very young age through our upbringing and conditioning.

For example, something that comes up quite often is the identity of ‘I am lazy’. Viewing yourself this way will win hands down every time something energetic is presented to you.

The comfy couch option that you take automatically will reinforce your identity as being lazy, which in turn creates a strong behavioural adaptation, that of self-sabotaging and the end result feelings of self-loathing, inadequacy and feeling down about yourself and the world.

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Inner Health

Our inner mental health reflects how we feel and how we behave, and our overall well-being. When we can let go of the resistance, that is our mental programs that are not serving us, it opens up a whole new way of seeing ourselves and the world, which in turn results in different ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

I like to use the analogy of a door.

Life presents us with many opportunities; let’s say these opportunities are doors. Our mental programs that create our actions guide us to these doors.

Knowing all the doors are out there that we need to live the life we desire.

Some doors are shut, some are open, some we choose to go through may lead us to more doors of opportunity, some doors we may never see or realise they are standing right in front of us, the closed ones may need a key to open which is something inside of us we haven’t accessed yet or is blocked in taking appropriate action to move through it.

These blockages are perhaps limiting beliefs, that you are not good enough or not worthy, or fears of rejection or failure. When you become aware of your mental programs, unblock anything standing in your way, your doors of opportunities are endless, leading to a life of possibility.

Part of my daily routine is doing my mental health checks. Questioning my thoughts or behaviours that are not aligning with my values or future self. Asking myself what is standing in my way of moving forward? What choices will I no longer make? What behaviours will I no longer demonstrate? What thoughts, feelings and behaviours do I need in order to create my future?

How often are you checking in?