Time Management

Time….. if we could buy more of it we would. Days seem to fly by with work, family and house hold chores. We all prioritise our time differently, whatever is lowest on our list of priorities often gets left behind. For some that might be not taking time to eat well or move, for others it might be not finding the time to socialise with friends or family and connect with others. It’s easy to say as an excuse “I don’t have time”. If you split a day into 20 minute pieces of pie, there are 72 pieces available. If you just put aside one piece of pie, 20 minutes of your day towards moving outdoors, or preparing fresh meals eating well, 0r making a phone call to friends and family, you are on the right track to taking responsibility of your health.

Here is an example of a day. Everyone’s day is different with varying work and family commitments, and sleeping routines. Have a go yourself and workout your time schedule. For example, you will see that it is possible to set aside one piece of pie for exercise, if not 3 which would be 1 hour of exercise a day. What are you leaving out of your day that you could possibly find time for?