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Emotions – honour how you are feeling 🥳🥰😢🥹🤣😍🤪😟

Normalising emotions – honour how you are feeling

Over my many years of coaching, I have found that a great deal of the feelings of being stuck are partly due to emotions from the past that are still in the body. All emotions are energy and operate at different frequencies. The low vibrational emotions like sadness, regret, resentment, anger, insecurity, lack, fear, rejection, jealousy, inadequacy and suffering, to name a few, create a feeling of heaviness in your body and weigh you down. I am sure you can all relate to the low vibe feeling of fear that was present during COVID.

Did you know there are ways to feeling your emotions in a safe way so you can free yourself of your past and take action towards your future? Most of us have not been taught how to feel an emotion. We have been conditioned to suppress our emotions, ‘get over it’, ‘don’t cry’, ‘boys/men don’t cry’, which teaches us feeling is not okay. I am telling you now FEELING IS OKAY. FEELING IS HEALTHY! 

More and more research is being done on the effect of the distress caused by suppressing emotions in our bodies, leading to disease and illness. Have you ever felt stressed and noticed tightness in your chest? Connecting to your emotions in your body to release them lifts your vibration and gives you a renewed energy to move forward!

Emotions want to be felt, they want to be heard, seen, soothed and validated.

“It is okay to feel sad”

“It is okay of feel disappointed”

“It is okay to feel angry”

“It is okay to feel fear”

“It is okay to cry”

The way forward to to go within, to become the witness of your emotions, feel the energy of them in your body, connect with the feeling by labelling it, expressing what it wants to say or what it needs. This is such an empowering, embodying process where you get to reconcile your past, connect and heal yourself, free up space within you, for beautiful high vibrational feelings of joy, peace, happiness and love.

How are you feeling today?

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