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“When you change, your life changes” – Dr. Joe Dispenzer

Last week I fulfilled a dream of mine, to witness one of my mentors live and in person. Dr. Joe Dispenzer is the brilliant author of “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and “You Are the Placebo”. His books and meditations have seriously transformed my life and coaching practice.

I came across Joe’s teachings years ago, planting the seeds to new learnings and ways of being. My understanding of the mind – body connection has grown and deepened the more I heal, the more I embody and integrate what I learn and through teaching and coaching. I have witnessed clients heal and transform before my eyes.

Joe is also a huge advocate for the power of the mind-body connection. He stated that the our nervous system is the greatest pharmacy in the world, releasing its own dopamine and antidepressants and our thoughts and emotions have the power to create disease or healing. As someone who has experienced the transformative power of energetic harmony, I couldn’t agree more! I have been doing Joe’s meditations every morning and have created events in my life before they have happened through thought and emotion alone. It works!

Joe emphasizes the importance of becoming aware of our unconscious thought, behavioural and emotional patterns to break free from our old selves and become a new self. In his meditations he takes you on a journey to “nothingness” as he calls it, where you become nobody, no-one, in no-time and no-where. In this space you take your attention away from the physical world and tap into the quantum field where infinite possibilities await.

I walked out of that event feeling inspired and what I could only describe as ‘chill’. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have learned from and meditated with such a wise, authentic and humble human being.

Here are some take aways from my experience.

“We are the creators of our lives”

“If you are unaware you will make the same choice”

“When you can overcome the old self, this is the becoming of a new self”

“New thoughts change our biology, which leads to new experiences, creating new emotions which open up new possibilities”

“Show up for you everyday so you feel worthy of the future”

“Start thinking, feeling and acting differently”

“The universe gives you what you are worthy of experiencing”

“There is more to you than meets the eye”

“Be so conscious of your unconscious self so that you don’t go unconscious again”

“The hormones of stress create disease, your thoughts can make you sick”

“Meditation is medicine”

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