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Relationships are something that I’ve never really focused on consciously improving. I have always had goals in my life, including becoming an Olympian and a mum. We don’t learn how to be in a relationship and our first experiences with parents, siblings and friends shape our beliefs surrounding relationships and generally who we attract into your life.

When my marriage broke down, I believed I was a failure, or I’d failed. In two of my biggest relationships, I have been betrayed. Knowing that our inner world reflects our outer, it was time for me to go within to discover what my relationship with myself was like. This was the first step in creating healthy relationships.

In 2020 I did an emotional intimacy course to learn more about relationships and what being a relationship was all about. I learnt so much in this and implemented into my relationship and my coaching. 

I have many clients and couples that come to me that are struggling in their relationship for counselling. It is evident that we are not taught how to be a relationship. 

As part of my M.O.V.E’M mens group coaching program I ran a Relationship Workshop on the weekend.  

One of the first questions that was asked of the couples was – What does being in a relationship mean to you? What is the purpose of your relationship? This opened up the conversations for deeper meaning behind relationships.

I covered the important Pilars of being in a relationship to enable it to flourish, from the roots or foundation, including relationship values, knowing each others attachment styles and fight styles, emotions and holding space, knowing each others triggers, the relationship loops we get in and how to navigate them, accountability, shared experiences. To the trunk for continued growth together – setting goals, setting boundaries, communication and conflict resolution. And to nurturing the relationship with questions to deepen the relationship and ways to love your partner. 

Overall it met all my intentions and the couples walked away feeling closer and more connected to their partners.

Here is some feedback from the couples. 

Damian and Amy

The whole thing was a raging success for me and my partner.  We felt so awesome after the workshop. We have been talking about it everyday and we are now on the same page. 

Honestly it feels like we’re in a new relationship like it’s really really good.

It exceeded my expectations, it is a massive win.

It feels different in a really good way. It feels awesome so thank you. 

We just talked about so much more in the last three days than we have ever talked about before, nothing boring, all about our lives. It just feels different so thank you. 

Another couple – 

I think some definite takeaways were to allow time and space when there are strong disagreements, but to give positive conversation that it’s just having to step away to think clearly. 

We both enjoyed being able to sit down and listen to how others navigate through the ups and downs. 

Our relationship is very much based on what we can experience together so continuing on the list of ‘Firsts’ and reminiscing of all the things we have done and achieved was like  a wow moment for us on the way home. 

Dan and Audrey

The workshop helped a lot for me and my partner, we’ve just had a lighter mood in the house which is great. 

I took a lot out of the workshop and me and my partner are going to go back over the workbook and talk more in depth about our answers. We are connecting a lot better. The relationship workshop helped us align ourselves. 

Pete and Katarina

We had an awesome time, we really enjoyed it. We had a really good conversation afterwards. I got a lot out of it and was so pleased my partner did too. She even spoke to her kids, one of whom is in a serious relationship and they had a great chat. 

Another couple 

We have tried other relationship counselling, however we learnt so much more in this one workshop than before. Anna has a way of brining her own experiences in, to help us move forward. We discovered what our triggers are, our fight styles and the best part was we felt more aligned and connected moving forward.

I really appreciate it and appreciated everyone being so open and sharing. Thanks. 

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