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Story from my life

Story from my life…
This photo was taken in 2013, weeks after returning home to Australia after what was the toughest time in my life.
I look happy. Masks are wonderful things when we need to survive.
I had just returned from Germany, my then home, where I had been living and working for 12 years.
Reason for leaving and the mask…..
My then husband, best friend and father-to-be did the unfathomable and betrayed both my son and myself.
I was totally shattered, 16,000 km away from my family in Australia and 4 months pregnant.
I walked away from my life in Germany, from everything that I had established over 12 years. With my 8-month-old son, a suitcase and $2000, I returned to my roots “to learn to fly” once again.
The truth is my heart was broken, and I was suppressing emotions to get on with life. I was in survival mode. I had to. I had no money, no job and an 8 month old to raise on my own.
Over the past 4 years I have been slowly healing the deep wounds. I kept running from them because the pain was too much and I didn’t know how to process emotions. There was so much anger, hurt, resentment, disgust, abandonment, grief, disappointment and sadness.
I too am on this journey of healing. I practice what I preach.
I can happily say I am no longer surviving. There is a way!
I hear you, see you and understand you.
Do you have a story from your life? Perhaps you feel stuck in your story and are not sure how to process it to move forward. As a Life Coach I help my clients free themselves of their past and create a new empowering story. If this resonates please contact me.
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