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Fuel your thoughts – ‘you become your thoughts’

You are your thoughts

In the last newsletter I mentioned how important food is for nourishment. ‘You are what you eat’, is and has been my belief for as long as I can remember. Nourishing my body has played a huge role, not only as an Olympic athlete, however in educating my clients as a Life Coach. One of my top values is health and vitality. Everyday I live into this value by making healthy choices for my mind and body, in order for it to repair, restore and regenerate, to prevent illness and disease, to live pain-free, to have energy and to feel GOOD. 

The same goes for our thinking. ‘You are your thoughts’. Our thoughts control our actions and therefore our outcomes, which directly relates to how we feel. Our brain is constantly filtering information, it deletes, distorts and generalises this information based on our values, beliefs, memories, attitudes, language and goals. All this subconsciously and behind the scenes. 

3 keys to nourishing your mind and feeling GOOD

1.     Values. Knowing and living by your values is critical to aligning with your authentic self and living a life you want to live. Values are ideals that are important to us and how we want to feel on a day-to-day basis, which ultimately guide our decision-making process. 

2.     Beliefs. Become aware of your beliefs, that is, what you hold to be true about yourself and the world. Our beliefs become our reality. We will find evidence to support our beliefs whether they are resourceful or not. They can be the root cause of our repeated self-sabotage or procrastination patterns, feelings of frustration and unhappiness. 

3.     Language. Be aware of any language that is limiting you to living your best self. What we language shapes the way we think and therefore forms the basis for how we choose to live our life. All too often I hear the words ‘I don’t want’, I can tell you now if you are saying this you will most likely get that what you ‘don’t want’. Start using empowering words like I can, I will, I want, I wonder and I know. 

It is vital we feed our brain, like we need to feed our gut. Just as knowing what we are putting in our mouth to nourish our mind and body, getting to know our inner cognitive world, that is our thoughts, our self-talk, our values, beliefs and the language we use, enables us to fuel our thoughts for optimum outcomes and to feel GOOD.


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