Life Coach Anna Baylis - testimonial

Alan’s coaching transformation


Here is a client Google review –

Strange start to my happiest experience. I observed Anna’s car (with her business details on it) and it was like a weird light bulb got turned on in my head. I felt compelled to go to her even though id never heard of a life coach before.

I called her and made an appointment and committed myself to two sessions. Was I sceptical, confused about my compulsion and dubious about the effectiveness of this course of action? – definitely.

When I met Anna I found her be very intelligent, caring, inspiring with an uncanny ability to delve into my sub conscious. We conversed like we had known each other prior. She has a very easy going nature and is so easy to talk to.

Whilst talking to me she extracted information from my past (that I had blacked out and wasn’t aware of) that was grossly affecting my current day behaviour/thinking/persona and everything in between.

I’ve had multiple sessions with Anna now and I am clearly a far better person who is no longer affected by a lot of major crippling events in my past.

I am a completely different person now (a change for the better I should add), I now know what affected me, how it affected me and how to interpret any other behaviour of mine (what’s the behaviour, how I feel, causation, analysis and how to move forward).

To say Anna is my saviour is not an understatement. I recommend her services to everyone. She brought me from a troubled, mentally confused/affected individual who was not operating on all cylinders to a happy, pleasant man who is now a much better person and I love love love life in general. This result is good for me and those I interact with.

So I say to you, if you need a life coach (remember, I didn’t know I needed one) you must/should give Anna a call and make an appointment or you’ll be doing your self a disservice.

Alan Gosland.


Response from the owner

Alan… I am so very proud of you. What an incredible transformation. In our first phone call when I asked of your challenges, there were feelings of depression and the feeling like something was wrong with you, procrastination, no goals, zero happiness, and you had given up on a relationship. Really you had given up on the relationship with yourself. With guidance, and someone that saw past the ego, a safe space to express yourself, to feel the emotions that were stuck in your body, you have been able to return to self-love, acceptance and understanding. I feel very blessed to have witnessed your growth and the shift in your energy from not flowing at all, to a glowing happy man. It suits you Alan, keep being you!

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