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REMINDER: You have a body!

Mind Body Connection

Do you find yourself stuck in your thoughts?

We have approximately 60.000 of them a day and most of them are from the past and on repeat.

REMINDER – you have a body 💡

Your body is your access to your subconscious, to your thought programs, to your emotions.

I have been blessed to live a lot of my life connecting with my body. As an athlete it was vital to be in tune with what was happening in my body in any given moment.

What was my heart rate doing?

How did my legs feel?

What was my self-talk like? Positive and encouraging, creating an amazing result or negative, causing my performance to suffer?

REMINDER – you are NOT your thoughts!

Here is an example of becoming your thoughts – you tell yourself you can’t do something, then you don’t? Does this sound familiar?

How about you challenge your thoughts, what is it that you can’t do? Is it that you can’t or you won’t?


Do you find yourself reacting from your emotions?

For example, you feel angry and become the anger by yelling or storming off, saying mean things, getting defensive, ignoring or picking a fight?

REMINDER – you are NOT your emotions!

Next time you feel yourself reacting from the emotion, STOP, locate it in your body, notice the qualities of it and feel it physically to release it. Here is a video on Emotions and what they need.

When you start to go inwards, to be the witness of your inner reality, that is your thoughts and emotions, your outer reality changes.

Have you checked in lately with your inner world?

As a Life Coach I guide my clients to inner relief, peace and calm, which has a direct impact on their external world. Too often we think we need to change the external to feel better. ‘Feeling better’ is found in healing and taking the journey to get to know yourself.

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