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On this journey of self-discovery and personal development there is a point where you no longer identify with the person you were.

The OLD SELF, the one that kept you feeling stuck, lost, procrastinating and in a viscous cycle of self-sabotage, no longer resonates with you. You grow out of these ways of thinking and feeling and behaviours.

You may then ask yourself ‘WHO AM I’?

At this point you realise you are not your thoughts, they are passing through you.

You realise you are not your emotions, they are something you experience, something you feel, they are NOT you.

You realise you are NOT a people pleaser!

You realise you are NOT a care taker!

You realise you are NOT the strong one!

They were masks you wore to stay safe, to avoid feeling any pain or hurt and to receive love.

As this is all happening you BECOME the NEW SELF!

This can be confusing, yet very beautiful. The familiar has become a new familiar. Feelings of joy arise, you find yourself smiling more often, breathing deeper, noticing yourself being in the moment, seeing things you didn’t before….

Living life in the present moment.

When you wake up from the robotic way of living, you start smelling the roses, hearing the birds chirping, feeling the wind on your face and seeing the beauty in people, situations and places.

Sounds good right?

I love witnessing my clients shift from the old self to the new self and all the beauty that brings. Take a look at the video testimonials from my happy clients.

Are you ready to meet your NEW SELF?

Start your personal development journey today and book in a discovery call.

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