Anna Baylis Health and Life Coach

There is nothing wrong with you!

Be the witness of your experience.
Do you ever feel yourself  acting on your thoughts. For example, I can’t… and then you don’t.
Do you ever become your emotions erupting like a volcano (anger) or shutting down in silence (fear)?
Know that you are not alone! As an experienced Life Coach I have witnessed hundreds of clients shift their emotional and mental states to create a lifestyle they love. I would love to give you an insight into ways to become the witness of your thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can live free from the trauma of the past and the fears and worries of the future.
As we grow up we are influenced on a deep level by those in our life, our parents, our teachers, family, siblings, media, friends, and caregivers. In the early developmental years from 0-10 we cannot think rationally, that part of our brain isn’t developed yet. Hence early childhood experiences have an imprint on future thoughts, emotions and actions, shaping our future and the direction we go in.
Beliefs are formed, like programs of a computer and if we haven’t been nurtured, given reassurance or explanations, or grown up in an environment that offered love, acceptance and safety, more than likely the programs will be negative and result in a disconnect from self and unresourceful coping behaviours.
When we can take a journey within, into the subconscious, where the programs and feelings are stored, we can find out so much about why we do what we do. In these moments of connecting back to self, self-acceptance and compassion is ignited, making way for a shift in thought processes and feelings. This is where the magic happens.
Some important reminders:
You are NOT your thoughts
You are NOT your emotions
Your are NOT your behaviour
There is NOTHING wrong with you!
You are the creator of your life!
You get to choose the lifestyle you want to live!
BE the witness of your thoughts and emotions. BE the director of your thoughts and emotions. Find out how to do this in a discovery call. Book now! 
As a Life Coach I help my clients create the lifestyle they always dreamed of!
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