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The way to self-acceptance

Self-acceptance = Self love

Accepting all parts of you is the way to healing and fulfilment. When I say all parts of you I mean the weaknesses, flaws, certain behaviours and emotions. We all have certain parts that show up in different situations in life. We hide or avoid certain parts of us, not consciously, that we don’t approve of or feel ashamed of.
The angry part
The sad part
The part that feels jealous
The procrastinating part
The part that self-sabotages
The hurt part
The guilty part
The abandoned part
The people pleaser part
The care taker part
The dishonest part
The joker part…..
The list goes on.
I have avoided the jealous part, I would judge myself for feeling jealous. I am too proud to feel jealous, which leads me to the pride part within me. That’s not a cool emotion. I would look down on those that felt jealous. Some say it indicates what you want in life, if you are jealous of certain things or people and what they have. Really it is an emotion wanting to be felt, whether you want those things or not, that you can decide after you have witnessed the feeling and let it go.
I recently allowed myself to feel into jealousy. I felt jealous that others had Dad’s to look after their kids, jealous of families spending time together on holidays, having family dinners and day trips. Jealous that others own houses.
By feeling into the emotion, I gave myself the opportunity to be true to myself and my feelings, which brings in a lot of self-acceptance. Accepting where I am at on my journey. Accepting other people’s journeys. Accepting my son’s journey.
What parts have you been avoiding? What emotions are underlying that part of you?
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