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M.O.V.E testimonials

Group coaching with M.O.V.E.

Here are some client reviews for the M.O.V.E program.


“M.O.V.E will give you all the tools you need to make that change in your life that you want and deserve”.


“Anna helped my get my joy for life and vitality back. Over the course of 4 wonderful months with M.O.V.E, I was challenged but the personal growth was well it. I highly recommended investing in yourself ladies!”


“Connecting with the gorgeous women of my M.O.V.E experience was lovely. I can only say that if you need to MOVE on in your life…Anna will help you do It!!!”


“Earlier this year I completed Anna’s M.O.V.E program and my life is in a completely different place”.


“I participated in Anna’s last round of M.O.V.E, and saw positive changes in my life from the very first week”.


“I was experiencing a very difficult time in my life when i started the M.O.V.E. program with Anna and now I feel lighter, calmer, more connected to my emotions and clearer in my decision-making. My relationships are more easeful and I am finding joy in places I never expected!”


“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Anna and all of you for making M.O.V.E such a game changer for me”.


“Anna is a kind and nurturing coach. Working with Anna has been transformative for me and I have really loved being a part of the M.O.V.E. community”.


“I joined her M.O.V.E program which not only connected me with some wonderfully understanding ladies but it also helped me get in touch with my emotions and to be able to express them”.

Thank you for all the client love ❤️

M.O.V.E is a four month self-discovery and transformational journey with a small group of women.

Why group coaching with M.O.V.E over 1-1 coaching?

Both pathways are effective shown in my coaching reviews. Some people thrive in a group due to the following reasons:

  • Group coaching offers you a safe space to engage, open up and be vulnerable.
  • You have a supportive circle of women to help motivate and encourage you and that have your back.
  • M.O.V.E offers 3 sessions a week for optimal opportunity to grow and change.
  • Maximum accountability, I am there every step of the way with you.
  • Extra support through a Facebook group.
  • Reflective books for action taking.
  • Two workshops to immerse yourself in the world of emotions and energy.
  • Learn about things in life that you were not taught at school, like values, beliefs, nutrition, emotions and setting boundaries. The more we know the better choices we can make aligning with our values and what is important.
  • 4 months is a great time-frame for change. You know at the beginning you have certain challenges and struggles, by the end you are free from them and on the other side, welcoming your NEW self.
  • M.O.V.E brings you out of the stress of the day, teaches you to be present in the moment through mindfulness.
  • Learn how to lean into being vulnerable and open, to discover your true authentic self.
  • With group coaching you learn more about yourself, it offers a transformation on a deeper level.
  • You don’t feel as alone in your struggles.
  • Your self-worth will increase with learning how to say NO, and YES to you through setting healthy boundaries.
  • You will walk away from the program with tools and strategies that will help you through life challenges.
  • Along the way you will be challenged, mentally and emotionally on a deep level. Challenge = growth.
  • You will discover what is holding you back from taking action and feeling good about yourself and life.
  • There is no way you can’t change. I say this in a good way ☺️
  • You will learn how to show up for yourself like never before.
  • You will learn how to prioritise your health and self-care.
  • Returning to self love is achieved. No more procrastination and self-sabotage. Say hello to joy, happiness and inner fulfilment!

For more information on M.O.V.E click here and for Video testimonials visit my youTube channel.

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