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Nida recently completed the M.O.V.E program and has shared her experience with a google review. If any of this resonates M.O.V.E is for you.

“I completed the M.O.V.E course in December of 2023 after reaching out to Anna earlier in the year. My concern finding a coach was making sure I found one that I clicked with. After our first chat, I just knew she was the right one”.

Where I started before M.OV.E: 😩
– Mental health struggles
– No love for self
– No compassion for self (self critic)
– Afraid to fail
– Easily giving my power away
– Beliefs of being a bad mum
– Not keen to ask for help (like to do things on my own, rather than “put others out”)
– People pleaser
– No understanding how to set boundaries let alone hold them
– No goals and passion for anything
– Loss of myself after traumatic event and after kids
– I would suppress my emotions to not feel or show others “weakness”
– Fear of vulnerability
– Not strong enough
– Focused on the past or future

Its safe to say with that list I needed help, reaching out to Anna was the biggest blessing I could’ve asked for.

After M.O.V.E:😁
– Starting to love myself again
– To love waking up in the mornings
– To be unapologetically me
– Letting my walls down
– Understanding of boundaries and how to set them
– Define what I value and set goals that I’m excited to do
– PRESENT, such a big one I learnt!
– Learning about emotions, and allowing myself to feel.
– My communication and overall aura was different to my family/friends and especially my kids.
– Met some amazing M.O.V.E women which honestly shaped my journey. They were my rock without even knowing it.
The list could go on for ages…

Why Anna or why M.O.V.E?❓
– She speaks from the heart not through a tick and flick of a book.
– She relates, through her own experiences.
– She is kind, compassionate and truly cares. Everything you would want in a coach and in a friend.
– She has created a community of men/women that are vulnerable enough to tell their own story and empower each other. 💪
– M.O.V.E will give you all the tools you need to make that change in your life that you want and deserve.

My only advice for anyone ready to sign up… be FULLY immersed in what the program has for you. I promise you, you won’t regret it. ❤️

Thank you Anna, for everything. You have changed my life in so many ways. I have gained a life coach but also a life long friend. ❤️

For more reviews see here. For video testimonials visit my YouTube Channel.

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