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Themes ๐Ÿ‘‰

“What you focus on is where you end up”.

Having a Theme, that is a focus, a keyword, can help you move forward.

Do you find yourself repeating patterns and focusing on negative things in your life? Our mind can only filter a limited amount of information. Being aware of what your thoughts are focusing on is the first step. A great analogy is when mountain biking, if you are focusing on the tree you will most likely hit it! A very simple example, however very true.

I want you to read this paragraph and then do the exercise. Close your eyes, and with your eyes closed focus on the colour yellow. Everything yellow, yellow sand, yellow sun, yellow, yellow, yellow. Now open your eyes and what do you see? One guess…. yellow!

To kick start the year I like to create a theme for the coming year. A theme allows us to focus on a certain area of our life with intent. Where our focus goes, our energy flows.

Creating a theme is more than just a tradition; it’s a deliberate act of setting intentions. By choosing a theme, we declare to ourselves what deserves our focus and energy. It’s a subtle reminder that our aspirations are not merely wishes but commitments we make to our own growth and well-being.

Themes are like seeds planted in the soil of our lives. Nurtured with mindfulness and attention, they have the potential to sprout into meaningful transformations. Just as a gardener tends to their garden, we cultivate our chosen theme through conscious actions, learning experiences, and a willingness to embrace change.

My theme in 2024 is unity. I have lived a life being the independent one, competing in a solo sport and working things out for myself. I want to collaborate, contribute, work as a team and cultivate meaningful relationships. This scares me and something I have avoided. It excites me as I see so much growth and power in community.

Read more about “you are your thoughts” here in my blog.

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