Life Coaching Testimonials

Here are some of my Life Coaching Testimonials from happy clients. I am living my purpose and am so very grateful for all of my clients, past, present and future.

I have lived a life of ‘the athlete’ being very selfish and looking after myself on my Olympic journey. Being an athlete, especially in a solo sport, requires a lot of looking after yourself. It is all about the training, the recovery, getting optimum sleep, prioritising nutrition, travelling to races and making sure you are top fit both mentally and physically. ‘Taking care of me’, I can do this extremely well and notice that all my clients that reach out for support struggle with self-care.

It brings me so much joy to read the testimonials.

My coaching has been incredibly effective, as evidenced by the numerous positive client testimonials.

I have helped women, men, couples and teenagers all over Australia to navigate their challenges and make significant positive life changes. Some of the challenges include; PTSD, trauma, procrastination, self-sabotage, feeling stuck, lost or inadequate, self-loathing, self-harm, excessive alcohol or drug consumption, addictions, relationship struggles, anxiety, depression, conflict, bi-polar, ADHD, body pain, divorce, estrangement, overeating, emotional eating. If you are facing any of these challenges, Life Coaching is for you!

Visit my google reviews. Ranked 5th by Feedspot as Australia’s best Life Coach Blog and website.

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