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Healing the inner child ❤️‍🩹

Inner child healing

We have all been through moments in our childhood that have caused some sort of emotional signature in our body, an imprint on our nervous system and shaping of beliefs.

For me, as an 8-10 year old, I was bullied for being a Tom Boy. I had short hair, I was sporty, I could match the boys in sport. I wasn’t the typical girly girl that played with barbie dolls, hair in a ponytails or wore skirts or dresses. I played with toy soldiers, out in the street with the boys playing footy or on my bmx, and had my hair short or a mullet with a spike.

I felt like one of the boys, which was conflicting as I was a girl.

I felt there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t like all the other girls.

I felt shame.

I started to believe I was different, and like I didn’t belong.

I have done a lot of inner child healing surrounding this event and other events that have had their emotional and psychological impacts. These impacts stay with us and affect our adulthood, in the way we feel, think, behave and in our closest relationships.

Often our younger self needs to hear some reassuring words, to be held or taken out of the situation. I witness this daily with my clients. It is so healing and life changing.

My younger self needed to hear –

“You are beautiful just the way you are”

“Be you”

“It is okay to feel sad, upset, angry or hurt”

“You are loved just as you are”

“You matter”

“You belong”

“It’s not okay what they are saying to you and it is not true”

gt;If you feel like any of this resonates maybe you have an inner child that is hurting and wants to be reassured, given some love and attention, or to feel safe enough to feel the hurt and pain of past events and needs healing.

I’d love to help you connect to your inner child and form a beautiful relationship with her or him ❤️

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