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Themes 👉

"What you focus on is where you end up". Having a Theme, that…
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Reaching new heights through M.O.V.E

Over the past 4 months I have been blessed to guide a beautiful…
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On this journey of self-discovery and personal development there…
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REMINDER: You have a body!

Mind Body Connection Do you find yourself stuck in your thoughts? We…
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Are you experiencing a ‘mid-life crisis’?

Navigating the Mid-Life Journey As a life coach, I frequently…
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Emotions – honour how you are feeling 🥳🥰😢🥹🤣😍🤪😟

Normalising emotions - honour how you are feeling Over my…


Life Coaching Testimonials Here are some of my Life Coaching…
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What is Life Coaching?

Have you tried endless therapies, psychology, psychiatrists,…
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M.O.V.E feedback

"Joining the M.O.V.E community has been an awakening experience. Our first week with Anna has been teaching me more about insight, communication, values and my self-worth with other amazing women. All this while moving amongst nature, connected and breathing fresh air".
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Emotional Fitness

“How are you”?  Most of us answer with “good”, “okay” or “not bad”. These are automatic, programmed responses that fit in with what we believe we should feel or what others want to hear, we rarely, if ever, acknowledge and respond with the emotions we are really experiencing.